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Si vis pacem...

Melianna's diary

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Medieval scholar. Linguist. Designer. Translator. Irish dancer. And yes, a Tolkien fan.
I currently reside in Kiev, Ukraine, but have long since lost a corner of my heart to the rolling hills of Ireland and there is always a trail of my thoughts leading to the fjords of distant Scandinavia. My feet are planted firmly on the ground, but spiritually I consider myself as someone designed to dwell in early medieval northern Europe, but instead dropped into modernity. In this journal you won't find many entries on modern pop singers, on the Big Brother show and the like, on nail polish color and which clubs I hang out on Fridays. You will, though, find a thing or two on my interests (see above), on my medieval scholarly work and musings on places and music and books (mostly of the fantasy and history bent), notes on linguistic curiosities, the odd tidbit on my dancing exploits, plus a thing or two about me, the author.
I'm quite a friendly adder (hehe) and friends from all kinds of backgrounds are welcome. Sometimes it takes a while for me to take note of a new friend and to see if our interests overlap - if they do, you are welcome by the fireplace here :)

This journal was originally in Russian. Now I have made it bilingual. I will automatically add all non-Russian-speaking friends to the English language group, so you won't see my entries in Russian unless you want to.
bear rugs and fireplaces, beer, being difficult, belfast, belly dancing, beowulf, brian boru, ceilidh, celtica, dartz, dreamweaver, dublin, eire, england, english, enya, fantasy, folk rock, folklore, german, haggis, html, ireland, irish dancing, jigs and reels, jrrt, languages, legends, linguistics, men, middle-earth, myths, old english, photoshop, php, programers, programing, programmers, programming, ray stevenson, scandinavia, scotland, semenova, simple pleasures of life, skating, terry goodkind, terry pratchett, tolkien, webdesign, Арда, Беовульф, Бернард Шоу, Брайан Бору, Гай Светоний Транквилл, Гудкайнд, Джойс, Джордан, Древний Рим, Древняя Греция, Золотая Орда, Ирландия, Карнеги, Морд-Сит, Нибелунги, Океан Эльзы, Плоский мир, Пратчетт, Ремарк, Скандинавы, Средиземье, Толкиен, Фолкнер, Чосер, Шекспир, Шон Бин, Шотландия, Эдда, Эйр, агроромантика, артуриана, беседы за чашкой чая, бокс, в парке с книжкой, вино, виски, волкодав, гиннесс, городские кафешки, дизайн, дружба, дублинцы, замки, игры, изысканная еда, ирландский завтрак, история, история Средневековья, история рыцарства, кельты, книги, компьютеры, коньки, король артур, кофе, кошки, литература, лошади, магия огня, маркетинг, медвежья шкура у камина, мифология, мужчины, музыка, нафиг депрессии, перевод, пиво, программирование, риторика, сказки старой Шотландии, средневековье, средние века, театр, только не постмодерн, фолк-рок, футбол, фэнтези, чтение, языки

Social capital

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