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Fall greetings

I wish you a happy beginning to the autumn. Heads up, tails up, we must try to make the most of it :)))

A sliver of light

What with all the bad news in the world recently, it's refreshing to see a story telling of unabashed fun :) I loved this one about the Italian family who adopted a pig.


Sad for Norway :(

I was shocked at the news yesterday. I have been to Oslo and I remember it as a safe, lovely, friendly haven. That a home-grown terrorist should do something like this is unthinkable. Why??? Protesting the liberal government by shooting down dozens of one's countrymen? Insane...
Do they have capital punishment in Norway?..
My heart goes out to the Norwegians, yet at the same time... How come so many people fell victim to one man with a gun? Why was there no resistance? How come he wasn't wrestled to the ground and disarmed?.. People should have no scruples about defending themselves and those they love! That is what I hope the governments of Nordic countries will profess!

Kyiv weather - a rare treat

After a month of relentless 30+ heat and drought in May-June, we now have a solid three weeks of rainstorms! Which is just fine with me, because not many things can be finer than sitting in a balcony with a good book and listening to the squalls of rain and peals of thunder outside... which is exactly what I'm doing now! Torrents of water are attacking my windows when the wind blows in this direction. Nothing matches the pleasure of watching the wrath of the elements when you're dry and safe within your home... but imagine being out there for a moment!... The sirens in cars parked outside are blaring like crazy, and there's general havoc outside.


Видео про выставку http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P07VlNtoiWs. Сейчас пороюсь еще, вдруг я там есть :)
Посетила выставку Недели марокканской культуры в Украинском доме. Посетила аж три раза! Оторваться было невозможно. Домотканые скатерти, ковры, пуфики из шкуры верблюда, серебряные чайнички, светильники и зеркала ручной работы, серебряные украшения - вот что мне понравилось больше всего! А ведь еще был показ традиционно-современной марокканской моды, живая музыка и пение, какой-то загадочный мужской танец берберов, который мне так и не удалось увидеть, еще татуаж хной и - да - еще бесплатное угощение мятным чаем.

Почему я так выделяю последнее? Как оказалось, берберы, или бедуины - не уверена, какой именно народ представлял все товары, но все как один они понимали только французский - так вот, они не торгуются. Совсем. И печеньки, которые они с удовольствием сами едят на месте, стоят 10 гривен штучка: прямо какой-то марокканский кофе-хауз. Татуаж хной, который я тоже наивно считала бесплатным, стоит 100 гривен. Написать Ваше имя каллиграфической кисточкой на арабском на глянцевой бумаге с орнаментом - 20 гривен. На этом фоне бесплатный чай - прямо выражение широты марокканской души :)

Впрочем, впечатления от выставки только позитивные. Если будете там в следующий раз (планируется на декабрь), не пропустите возможности пообщаться с марокканскими продавцами и присмотритесь к этим вещам - они стоят ваших денег:

 - ковры ручной работы (это если Вы готовы тратить от 3 до 10 тыс гривен)
 - пуфики, сшитые вручную, но рисунок трафаретный - 500 гривен
 - чайнички - ок. 250 гривен
 - набор стаканчиков с узорами - 150 гривен
 - серебряные кольца -  80-150

Еще есть шикарные изделия из какого-то черненого металла, в основном статуэтки. Узоры хной в основном слишком грубые. Сладости на любителя, цена не отвечает удовольствию. Чай за 100 грн 100 грамм меня не впечатлил.

Жду декабря!

Klitschko vs Haye last night

As you all know, yesterday Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko won the fight with Brit David Haye in a unanimous decision at the end of a full-length trial of a boxing match.

I can't say I was supportive of Klitschko. Though he is my countryman, recently he's been picking opponents that he could easily thwart - too easily. He was always bigger and better. But as the fight began, I was more and more impressed with Haye's dodging technique and sheer determination in doing what the others could not  - delivering heavy punches at Klitschko, and having them reach the target. I do detest Haye's vulgar behavior pre-fight, but in the ring, in my eyes, he stole the night from Klitschko. Maybe this was a disappointing match for those who earnestly expected Haye to win, but for me, having seen Klitschko trounce numerous others without much resistance, last night was a good show.

It was great to see Lennox looking good after all these years, and the backstage, with scenes from London, was very unusual and interesting, though unnecessarily expensive probably...

Another winner for last night was the Ukrainian boxing commentator, who was not his usual sober self! He slurred and he repeated and he got lost - how he managed to follow what was happening is positively surprising.


Jul. 2nd, 2011

I'd like to reopen my journal a little and I'm looking for new friends. If you have someone on your friends' list who could enjoy being connected to my LJ, please let me know! Not one of my contacts dropped me during the couple years of low activity on here, but some people have gone off LJ altogether, so I'm looking for friends. Anyone out there?

Old blog new me

Hello to everyone! My first attempt at a blog entry this year – at at Windows Live Writer too! I have a raft of blogs that I am managing, thanks to my job, but this remains my one and only private blog space.

I’m sorry I have been offline; I have many updates to share and many updates to ask you for! I owe you many replies to PMs and posts guys. I will take care of that in the next few days. Provided you still remember me, that is :)

Nov. 3rd, 2010

For those of you who at times experience downs not only ups (and that includes me), and for those who have gotten used to experience life as a kind of one big flop, here is this video about a guy with NO ARMS AND NO LEGS and how he gets about his life. If this guy says he's got no worries then what about you, or me...